nunukids Wooden Makeup Toy Set Pretend Wood Beauty Salon Toys Toddler Wooden Makeup Kit for Girls 16PC

【▼Why encourage children pretend play】❶To encourage imagination and creativity:Builds a child’s ability for flexibility and then creativity. ❷Supports social and emotional development.❸Develop self-esteem and self-awareness.❹ Improves language and communication skills: ❺Develops thinking, learning, and problem-solving abilities.
【▼Rich accessories】 Girls love to imitate their mom apply makeup. This is 2 in 1 play set, with Wooden Makeup toolings and Barber Hair Salon accessories. inner including 15 pieces ☞ foundation box, makeup box,perfume,nail polish,lipstick,eyebrow pencil,hair dryer,barber scissors,comb,hair clipper,mirror,hair splint, headband,rubber hair ring, blush brush,one of each, and all are collected in a cosmetic bag. It suitatable for children 3+ years old.
“【▼Attrative design】nunukids designers design each toy with high standard and all toys have obtained US CPC and ASTM certification. The toy design uses fresh and elegant Morandi colors, natural wood texture, polished and smooth, suitable for children’s size design, non-toxic water-based environmentally friendly paint, colorless and odorless, enjoy parent-child time. “